Advance Auto Parts Coupon

Advance Auto Parts Coupon

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Here are the latest coupon and promo codes for Advance Auto Parts for the month of December 2013. These coupons expire on December 31st, 2013.

Protip: You can get free shipping on orders over $75 or get free shipping (regardless of order site) by selecting “ship to store”. Your order will be shipped to the store nearest you. Use the store locator to find the store nearest you.

How to use an Advanced Auto Parts Coupon:

It’s very easy. All you need to do is add whatever products you are looking to purchase to your shopping cart, then click “checkout”. On the checkout screen, you will see a box labeled “Enter Your Promo Code”. Copy down the above codes and enter it into the box. See the red arrow in the diagram below for a visual representation of where to enter the code.

Company Review

Advanced Auto Parts was started in 1932 by Arthur Taubman. He opened two stores in Virginia. At that time, the automotive industry was in it’s infancy and it was very hard for the average Joe to get car parts. Taking the car to the dealership was out of the question because it was too expensive (yes, even back in those days dealerships literally charged an arm and a leg to fix cars). Arthur had a great idea that would soon catch on. Over the next 75 years he opened thousands of stores. Today there are over 3800 stores in 40 different states.I just found a great list of here

They employ over 55,000 workers across the country. They are now the second biggest automotive retailer in America. Their selection is huge and if they don’t carry the part in their main warehouse or in your local store, they can order it direct from the manufacturer for you.


Advanced Auto Parts does allow for the usage of coupon codes.


When compared to Pep Boys and Auto Zone, I personally found the prices to be very competitive. I don’t live near a PepBoys or AutoZone so I really can’t make any other comparison statements other than the 25 items that I looked at, all 3 stores seemed to have the same price. I have been to Autozone when I was in California once and it was a decent store…a bit small for my liking, but I found what I was looking for.

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